Friday, February 18, 2011

Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

Okay, so Book 4 in the Pretty Little Liars series. They're still pretty, they're still little, and they're still liars. Seriously, though, some major stuff happens in this book. I kind of love it.

When we last left our PLLs, pretty much all the secrets got revealed. Aria was exiled from her mom's house because of her dad's adulterating, then kicked to the curb by her boyfriend because she was hot for her English teacher. I just sounded like Gossip Girl in that last sentence and I'm torn between whether I should feel pride or shame. Spencer stole her sister's essay and qualified for a big essay award. She also pushed her sister down some stairs and may have killed Ali in a rage blackout. Emily was outed to the school. The kids accepted her, but her family forces her into gay rehab or Iowa. Finally, after a humiliating time at her friend Mona's party, Hanna figures out who the mysterious A is, then she's run over by an SUV.

Aria moves in with her dad and his now-girlfriend Meredith. Meredith has "stomach flu" which everyone automatically knows means preggo, pregnant, with child. All she really does in this book is take a Mindless Art class...oh, and also kind of mess everything up for everyone. She tells the Rosewood police all about A. Then she confesses the PLL's part in Jenna's blinding to Jenna. In a bit of a twist, Jenna already knew and set the entire thing up with Alison.

Spencer's sister is okay after her fall down the stairs. Her parents are making her keep pretending that Melissa's essay is hers. She ends up winning the Golden Orchid, but apparently confesses that she stole her sister's essay (She calls the committee at the end of the book, but we don't know for sure).

Emily is exiled to Iowa, but soon learns that her uber-religious cousins aren't as innocent as they seem. They take her partying and then blame her when they get caught. She runs away for home, but her parents think she's just plain missing and take that as a chance to accept her for being gay. It's almost sweet (Sarcasm!). The catch is that now that her parents are accepting of Maya, Emily isn't as into her. She also met a girl in Iowa named Trista. Emily's just really confused.

Hanna doesn't remember the party or anything that came after. Mona is pretending they are BFFs just as if nothing happened. Lucas, the unpopular guy who came to her rescue last book, is telling her not to trust Mona. Unfortunately, Hanna doesn't really listen to him. She manipulates her father into spoiling her and whines a lot about all the scars on her face from getting run over. She's really just a pain.

Mona and Spencer had been planning a candlelight vigil for when Hanna was in a coma, but they change it to a party. Mona gets closer to Spencer while planning the party. She reveals that she has also been getting texts from A. It seems as though Mona is now part of the group. At the party, Spencer has a confrontation with her sister. She finds a picture of Ali and Melissa's boyfriend Ian in her purse and becomes convinced that Melissa put it there. Melissa must have killed Alison, Melissa must be A.

Throughout the book, Hanna slowly regains her memories. She eventually remembers that A slipped up and texted her from a number she knew: Mona's. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mona is A. Unfortunately, nobody realizes this until Spencer is already driving off to the police station with her to turn in Melissa. Because they couldn't call the police for...some reason.

The other PLLs start texting Spencer all, "Mona's dangerous!" They keep texting her, lots of times. If your friend is in a car with a psychopath, but the psycho doesn't know that she knows that they are a psycho, why let the psycho know? Do you want your friend to die?!? Mona thought they were just going to the police to turn in Melissa, maybe flash some rugby players, call it a day. But, no, now Mona has taken Spencer hostage.

We find out that Mona salvaged Alison's diary and learned everyone's secrets. Though...Alison didn't know about Mr. Fitz or Maya or Spencer stealing Melissa's essay. So I guess Mona was just a creepy sneaky stalker? Why would she exploit these girls? Well, Mona was also there for the Jenna Incident (Good band name, but seriously, there was Toby, Ali, Jenna, Aria, now Mona; they should have just sold tickets) and she got burned on her tummy. This horrible disfigurement that nobody frickin' knows about motivated her to seek her revenge.

So, the book ends with Mona falling down a quarry and dying. The PLLs figure out that Melissa's (and Ali's) boyfriend Ian must have killed Alison. We end with his arraignment. Alas, it seems as though the next book comes with a new A. Because when you are super special snowflakes like our girls, one stalker won't do.

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