Sunday, April 24, 2011

Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Stolarz

At the end of the first Touch series, mysterious loner Ben was leaving town after saving Camelia from her stalker ex, who planned the old "You will grow to love me" kidnapping ploy. To her credit, Camelia doesn't pull a Bella Swan and go completely catatonic.

A lot of focus in Deadly Little Lies is on Camelia's sudden development of psychometric powers of her own. She's doing psychic sculptures, which sounds ridiculous because it totally is. The intermittent chapters aren't from a psycho stalker, but journal entries from Camelia's aunt. Aunt Alexia used to paint future events, and it seems that Camelia may have inherited said trait.

I'm sorry to say that Ben graduated his Edward Cullen 101 lessons in this book. He implements lessons I and II by loitering outside Camelia's house at all hours and then telling her that he needs to protect her, but not telling her why he needs to protect her. What confuses me about Ben is that he keeps worrying about losing control of his powers, but it's not like he can touch people to death. His touching doesn't actually hurt the person. His ex-girlfriend only died because he touched her and then she backed away OFF A CLIFF.

The second Touch book definitely went off in a slightly ridiculous direction. Ben became a total creeper stalker. Camelia found a new boyfriend, but she was still all moony over Ben. There were psychic sculptures, but just of juice bottles and things that didn't really mean anything. What's the point of having psychic powers if they're useless?

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