Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris

Kate's just your typical high school nerd. She is an aspiring doctor who helps monitor the football team. A football team which happens to su-uck. Her number one crush, Aaron, plays as quarterback, but Kate is too much of a nerd to even form a coherent sentence around him.

One day, Kate finds some strange vials in the Coach's office. It appears as though he might be juicing his players in order to win a couple games. For those with less football knowledge than I, which seems impossible, juicing refers to using steroids as an unfair advantage. These aren't your typical steroids, however. Football players are soon throwing up thick black goo, they have sickly grayish complexions, and oh yeah, they want to eat their fellow classmates.

It's up to Kate to save Aaron and the rest of her classmates! This book is actually a whole lot of fun to read. It's short and silly, though there are some very gory moments. Some of Kate's laments could get a bit grating at times, but overall I like a smart heroine who can still kick zombie behind.

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