Sunday, October 21, 2012

Undead by Kirsty McKay

Why did I want to read this book? Just take a quick look at the picture to the left. That cover, the cheerleader wielding an ax. That's my reason. I have been on a serious zombie kick, but I have come to realize that zombie books are varied. There are necromancer-controlled zombies and normal zombies and zombies who are just really angry and violent people. Undead features some fairly straight-forward zombies, and I for one appreciated it for that. Sometimes I just want a normal zombie story with the perfect amount of suspense and gore. Here, the suspense and gore was a little less than I'd prefer, but I've seen worse and I rather liked the book despite it all.

Roberta (Bobby) is an outsider in her school and in her country. She was born in England, but her parents moved her to the United States as a child. Now she is back in England and she doesn't fit in at her new school. Her accent is some strange combination of English and American, and she constantly uses American terms. To save herself further aggravation from having the cool girls laugh at her, Bobby opts to stay on the bus during the school ski trip. Everyone else trudges into the restaurant for lunch, and everyone else ends up dead.

But, they do not stay dead for long. The former classmates and teachers soon rise and start attacking Bobby, rebel Smitty, popular Alice, and geeky Peter. The teenagers must put aside their differences and learn new things about each other in order to escape the threat and survive. The book cover has a comparison to The Breakfast Club, which is definitely apt. The Breakfast Club set in England plus zombies equals Undead. It's fun and funny, and I highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys teen comedies with a helping of zombies.

I received a copy of The Undead from Netgalley, courtesy of Chicken House. It's available for purchase now.

P.S. Sorry that I haven't been reviewing as many books as I used to lately. I have been having issues with my laptop- first, the screen was broken. Then, I contracted an awful virus. I have actually surpassed my Cannonball Read goal, I just have to catch up on my reviews.

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