Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith

   "But there's a crazy little hope-squirrel running around inside my head, chattering, what if it's real? What if it's important? and it won't shut up no matter what I do..."

This was such a strange book, yet again, but I ended up liking it. Yet again as well. Kiri's parents are out of town, and she has definite plans. She will practice the piano so she can succeed at her upcoming showcase and get into an elite workshop. Together with her best friend Lukas, their band will win Battle of the Bands. Lukas will finally take her out of the friend zone. She will also remember to water the azaleas. One phone call changes these plans.

A man calls and tells Kiri that he has her sister's things. Kiri's sister was killed in a car accident five years ago. She sets off to get Sukey's things, and everything explodes from there. She finds out secrets that her parents had been hiding from here. There is a nice guy named Skunk who helps her fix her bike, a guy who also has a secret. Everything gets crazy, including the already kind of crazy Kiri. She's the one who talked about the hope-squirrel, and by the end of the book, she was taking a lot of drugs and I was worried about how she would end up.

I really liked Kiri as a character. From the beginning, she was a little crazy. Her time was taken up by piano and her and Lukas' band, and also getting Lukas to like her back. It was pretty disturbing to see her self destruct throughout the book. The saving grace is that she was always very funny. Wild Awake was funny and heartbreaking. This is definitely what I'm looking for in non-paranormal YA lit.

I received my copy of Wild Awake from Edelweiss, courtesy of Katherine Tegen books. It's available for purchase now.

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