Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bubble World by Carol Snow

Bubble World is yet another book that pulled me in with its description, then turned out to be something else entirely. The synopsis made it sound like a standard dystopian plot. It's about an island where life is completely perfect, then stuff gets weird. I admit that it doesn't sound very original, but the actual plot is much more interesting.

Freesia lives on the island of Agalinas. Her life is completely perfect. She has a closet full of beautiful clothes, a loving family, lots of friends, and parties to attend every night. One day while looking at her perfect self in the mirror, Freesia gets a glimpse of a short, dumpy, and definitely imperfect girl. That's when things start falling apart.

A day actually repeats itself, and all kinds of glitches start to show. It turns out that Agalinas is actually a virtual reality created for young adults who have trouble living in the real world. Freesia's computer malfunctions and she wakes up to find that the dumpy girl is her. Her real family is a far cry from her virtual family, and real school is much more difficult to grasp. I really liked seeing Freesia learn to cope with reality, and I especially liked seeing her learn to make her less perfect self more fabulous.

What really interests me about Bubble World is that it seems like something that could realistically happen. Kids having trouble fitting in? Kids being bullied? Just hook those suckers up to a computer and all their problems are solved. As a bonus, you don't even have to interact with them until they go to college, and not even then, because virtual colleges are in development.

Bubble World ended up being a good surprise. Before I knew the whole story, I wasn't a big fan of Freesia. Afterward, I really liked her. Her entire world was shattered. She goes from fake perfection to genuine reality. The issue rises over which choice is better. You'll have to find out how it all ends in the book.

I received my copy of Bubble World from Edelweiss, courtesy of Henry Holt and Co. It's available for purchase now.

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