Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

She was just trying to fix her light spell. Iolanthe was trying to earn money to take care of herself and her mentor, Master Haywood, an old man who was once powerful but now suffers a drug addiction. She finds a solution for her ruined spell, summons a bolt of lightning...then her world changes.

The lightning comes, along with the Inquisitor and guards from the Bane himself, the tyrant of the Realm. Thankfully, she is rescued by Prince Titus. Titus is pretty fascinating. He pretends to be superficial and stupid so that nobody suspects his true intentions. Before her death, his mother told him how he was tasked with teaching someone. This person would defeat and overthrow the Bane. So Titus waited and prepared. The lightning was his signal.

Titus made plans, but he didn't realize that the person he was protecting was a girl. He set up a complex spell wherein he created a boy named Archer Fairfax, who has been away from Eton College, in our world, recovering from an injury. Iolanthe has to play the part of Fairfax, fitting in with the other boys and learning about sports. Meanwhile, Titus helps her to strengthen her magic. She needs it because she is the one who will have to face the Bane and finally free the Realm.

This review is probably insufficient because it is very much fantasy, so there are always those details that are difficult to figure out whether to use them or not. It was a really entertaining story, kind of Harry Potter meets Twelfth Night. I really loved Titus the most because he was so good at magic and he was hilarious when he pretended to be a vain prince. Iolanthe was cool, and you have to admire her for fitting in with a bunch of boys and in a different world. Of course, they eventually start to become attracted to each other and it's pretty sweet.

There's lots of action and magical and fantastic stuff, plus good amounts of drama. Seriously, Titus' story about his kitty and the bitchy Inquisitor made me cry. That lady was the worst since Dolores Umbridge. Unfortunately, I have to wait to see what happens until the second book comes out, which is definitely my biggest complaint about The Burning Sky.

I received my copy of The Burning Sky from Edelweiss, courtesy of Balzer + Bray. It's available for purchase now.

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