Friday, February 14, 2014

Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

It starts when she sees the ghost. Walking through the graveyard, Kennedy sees a lady in black straight from a horror movie. It's weird, but there's high school business to be attended to, so life moves on. Then, Kennedy's mother turns up dead and Kennedy is attacked by the same spirit. She is rescued by twin brothers Jared and Lukas. They tell her the truth: ghosts and demons are real, someone is summoning them to bring about the end of days, and it is up to a group of teenagers to stop the apocalypse.

The teens are members of the Legion of the Black Dove, as their parents/grandparents/other relative had been before them. Every member's relative recently died in the same manner as Kennedy's mother, leaving the society in the hands of the younger generation. Each member was trained for some special skill to help hunting ghosts and demons: weapons, tracking, fighting, or spells. Well, they all were trained, except for Kennedy. Her mother didn't tell her anything about the Legion, and she certainly never prepared her to face their enemies.

Unfortunately, this leads to an overage of angst about fitting in with the group. Just to make things worse, there is a love triangle. *GRRARGGHH* Flipping love triangle. Yes, the kick-ass demon fighters fall apart because the twins fall in super sparkly love with Kennedy. It's hard not to hold it against her, but she doesn't have many redeeming qualities to balance against. Kennedy is drawn to the gruff, distant, bad boy Jared. Jared shares some vulnerable moments with her, but still seems to be holding something back. Meanwhile, nice, extroverted, goody-goody Lukas is all about her all the time. Kennedy likes him well enough, and kind of wants to keep him as a second choice because Jared is too aloof.

To be honest, a lot of the book reads like some sad girl's Supernatural fanfic. The triangle really drags down what could be an otherwise decent story. It would be vastly improved if we didn't have to deal with Kennedy's, "Should I pick the boy I actually like who likes me back, or the one who likes me and I want to keep that door open while still maintaining friend status" or her, " I don't fit in/have cool powers or knowledge/the other girl in the group wants to eat my face." I'm torn, because I would like to see what happens with the Legion trying to save the world, and all the twists that came from that part of the story. At the same time, we ended with Kennedy going through some particularly unappealing drama, and I don't know if I have the patience to spend another book yelling at her to shut up.

I received my copy of Unbreakable from Edelweiss, courtesy of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. It's available for purchase now.

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