Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soul Enchilada by David Macinnis Gill

If Soul Enchilada is to be believed, there are demons all over the place. All they do is make deals with us mortals, trading souls for cars and basketball championships. It's an interesting theology, to say the least.

Bug Smoot, our heroine, didn't make a deal. The deal was made by her grandfather, his soul for a vintage Chevy. Now, the demon Beezlebub (Beals) has come to collect but grandpa, despite being dead, is MIA. As cosigner (A legal technicality), Bug now stands to lose the car, and her own soul, if she can't produce her grandfather.

Thankfully, Bug gets help from Pesto, former classmate and car wash worker by day. At night, he works for the International Supernatural Immigration Service. With the help of ISIS, Pesto's witch mother, and a lawyer with a specialty in these sorts of contracts, Bug might actually have a chance of keeping her soul after all.

Honestly, this book is a little weird. What do you expect when the title is Soul Enchilada? Bug's sucky life made it easier to appreciate my sucky life. She just graduated high school and barely scraped by living in a decrepit apartment while delivering pizzas. Her grandfather's Chevy was the one bright spot and it's repossessed by a demon.

Bug Smoot was a likable character, full of chutzpah. She put up a tough front, but had a lot of vulnerability. I genuinely found myself caring about her, even feeling better after she finally got food to eat when she was going hungry. Bug and Pesto together was also incredibly adorable. Soul Enchilada is cute, funny, a little romantic, and a bit supernatural. What more can I say, it's a good book.

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