Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vixen by Jillian Larkin

This is the story of three girls. One is engaged to be married at an incredibly young age and rebels to try to experience more of life before she is trapped forever. The second is trying to escape her wild past and create a new reputation among strangers. The third wants to get out from behind her friend's shadow. The twist is that these girls are not facing problems in today's environment of women's liberation, texting, and all those other things the kids are into these days. They live in the Roaring Twenties, full of its oppression, flappers, and Prohibition.

Gloria is engaged to Sebastian. As a sort of last hurrah, she starts sneaking out to a speakeasy and she bobs her hair to fit in with the other flappers. By day she is a regular high society schoolgirl, but she soon gets a gig as lead singer for the speakeasy's band. Then she finds herself falling for the black piano player, and it's going to be nearly impossible for Gloria to settle down to humdrum married life.

Clara is Gloria's cousin from Pennsylvania. She plays the part of a simple country girl, but that's just to hide the truth: Clara lived a fast-paced, flapper life in New York. She got into some sort of trouble and returned home to her parents. Now she plays the helpful cousin and niece, but she knows much more than she is letting on. Clara catches the eye of family friend Marcus, a notorious playboy who actually genuinely falls for her. Unfortunately, there are still secrets that Clara is keeping hidden that could ruin her new reputation and possibly her romance.

Finally, Lorraine is petty, jealous, and a bit of a lush. She envies Gloria for being engaged, for getting attention from all the boys, for being a better flapper than her, and the list goes on and on. Honestly, it's difficult to like Lorraine. She has a couple moments, but for the most part she's just a huge rhymes-with-witch.

Vixen was a really fun read, full of fun and juicy society stuff and awesome vintage fashion. A part of me is jealous of the girls in this book, but then I remember that I get to vote and I feel better. It's part of (yet another) Teen series. The first book is really very good, so I'll be among those waiting for the next in the series.

P.S. I got Vixen for participating in the Barnes & Noble book club. It's being released December 14, which I just now realized is today.

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