Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fracture by Megan Miranda

Question: What would you do if you knew someone was going to die? Would you try to warn them? Would you try to save them? Would it even matter? For a teen book, Fracture brought up a lot of tricky questions about life and death.

The story starts when Delaney fell through the ice. She stayed under the water for 11 minutes until her best friend Decker pulled her out. After all that time, Delaney actually died. She was in a coma and technically brain dead, but miraculously she awoke. Despite the oxygen deprivation, Delaney had no brain damage. Everything was normal, except now she sees strange lights around people who will die soon. Sort of like that Twilight Zone episode.

Delaney meets another young man who can sense death, Troy. She hopes she can learn more about her new ability, but it soon becomes apparent that Troy can't be trusted. In order not to give anything away, I'll just say that he's a very bad man. There are even a couple scenes in the book where he is physically chasing Delaney that gave me chills.

Meanwhile, other than the new ability, or maybe because of the ability, Delaney becomes detached from her friends and family. Her parents are experiencing a special kind of grief because even though she isn't dead, she's definitely not the same person. And, because we need to get some romance up in here, Delaney has this whole big Dawson/Joey thing going on with Decker. It's obvious with those two, no matter how many tight-sweater Taras he dates or how many inappropriately old male nurses she hangs with.

I honestly expected Fracture to be yet another vaguely paranormal book in the vast sea of teen books. I lucked out because Fracture was incredibly enjoyable, the writing was actually good, and the discussions of life and death bring up a lot of very good points. You can definitely do a lot worse than Fracture, and it's nice to have an option from the grating and melodramatic Twilight series.

I received my copy of Fracture from Netgalley. It's available for sale now.

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