Monday, April 16, 2012

Ruthless by Sara Shepard

As always, I'm going to be slinging the spoilers around fast and hard, so beware.

When we last left off in Twisted, our pretty little liars had just gotten into a very large amount of trouble in Jamaica. Namely, they pushed a girl off a rooftop deck because they though she was Alison and she was attacking them. Since then, they have been having lots more stalker A issues.

Immediately, we find out the big secret that got Spencer into Princeton. While at a summer prep course, she started taking study aid pills called Easy A with her friend Kelsey. They got caught, and Spencer framed Kelsey. She runs into her former friend and decides that Kelsey must be A, as revenge for ruining her future.

Hanna has recovered from her blackmailing last time. She confesses to her father that she stole money from his campaign, which had resulted in him firing his assistant. After such a serious crime, her father punishes her by doing pretty much nothing at all. This lack of parenting is why Hanna is such a horrible person. She meets a boy at a political rally, but he turns out to be the son of her father's political rival. It's very Romeo and Juliet.

Emily hangs out with her oldest sister and thinks a lot about feeling guilty about being pregnant and lying to everyone. She meets a girl named Kay at a party, who turns out to be Kelsey. Everyone gets all up in Emily's business because she hangs out with Kelsey even after they tell her their suspicions. Poor Emily ends up getting burned in the end (Thankfully not literally, because you never know with these books).

Aria, that delightfully special snowflake, is dismissed by Noel Kahn. If you remember, last time she accused his foreign exchange student of trying to have sex with him and then pushed the girl off of a ski lift. She starts thinking about how much she misses her old statutory rapist, I mean boyfriend and English teacher, Mr. Ezra Fitz. One text later, and the man himself is back in her life. Soon, Aria is making plans to graduate early and move to New York and be smelly hippies or snotty hipsters or some combination of the two. Unfortunately, a sudden roadblock appears when he has her read his manuscript...and she is slightly less than brimming with praise. Ezra Fitz kind of sucks.

The girls visit that psychiatric center that Hanna's dad sent her to a long time ago. (Kelsey goes nutso, she's majorly using the Easy A, but she's probably not actually A the stalker) They find a park bench dedicated to Tabitha, who had been a patient as well. Her birthday is the exact same day as Alison and Courtney's! If she was also at the hospital, would she have met Alison and/or Courtney? Was she their TRIPLET?

*End Spoiler*
This series will probably go on forever until everyone ever has had a turn being A and stalking these poor children. A seems less motivated than he/she used to be. I really don't think they used to end things with "mwah" all the time, but I don't like it. A also uses the term "bitches" a lot less, and I miss that.

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