Monday, April 16, 2012

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Mira's godmothers have a lot of rules. She never broke them, until just before her sixteenth birthday. She will visit the town of Beau Rivage. That was where she was born, and where her parents died. Her godmothers refuse to let her return, and they might have a good reason.

Several of the residents of Beau Rivage are cursed. They live their lives knowing that some day they will fulfill a fairy tale destiny. One day, they might fall into an enchanted sleep or be rescued by a mermaid, be the hero or the villain. It's something that they are born with, or something that pops up unexpectedly after a run in with a fairy. It's also inevitable, because you can't fight destiny forever. I didn't expect a teen book about fairy tale curses to bring up so many philosophical issues, whether choices matter or if everything is already planned out, the usual free will vs. fate.

I really enjoyed the world of Kill Me Softly. It's a fairy tale mishmash, with lots of attitude. The characters are surly and very funny about their curses. They joke about things like choking on the apple for the Snow White character and tease the girl who will end up breaking the Beast's spell. (Though, opposite of that, my favorite character was the sincere and wholesome Henry, the Prince Charming who had birds and squirrels follow him everywhere. He's just adorable.)

I know the basic fairy tales, but I'm sure there were some references that I completely missed. Everything in Mira's fairy tale story does get wrapped up in the end, but there are possibilities for a sequel. Honestly, I'd really like to see more with Mira, and/or follow some other characters through their fairy tales. There are plenty of options for lots of sequels, and I'd be on board with more visits to the world of Beau Rivage.

I received my copy of Kill Me Softly through Netgalley, courtesy of EgmontUSA. It is available for purchase now.

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