Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty

A Corner of White is a book that alternates between modern-day England and the magical kingdom of Cello. In Cambridge, a girl named Madeleine lives with her mother, her mother who spends her days watching quiz shows and answering every question wrong. She used to live a fancy, exciting life when they were still with her father. Now, she just sits around a small apartment, eating beans, and missing what she used to have. Madeleine finds a note stuck in a parking meter one day and writes her own note. She is obviously surprised to get a response from a boy named Elliot who claims to live in another world.

Elliot actually lives in Bonfire, a small farming community of the kingdom of Cello. He has been preparing to take a trip to catch a locator spell and find his father. In Cello, colors routinely attack the people, though some colors hurt more than others. A Purple attacked his father, uncle, and the female teacher that accompanied them. The uncle was killed, but Elliot's father and the teacher were never found. Rumors swirled that they ran off together, or that he was taken by the Purples and killed, but Elliot hasn't given up hope that he can rescue his father.

Madeleine doesn't believe that Elliot really comes from another dimension, but she continues to write to him. Elliot is risking death if anyone finds out he knew about the interdimensional crack, but he still answers Madeleine's letters. The two form a sort of friendship, and end up helping each other with their respective problems. Madeleine even starts to believe that Cello might actually exist.

This was a really charming series debut. Madeleine and Elliot both had flaws, but I really liked those kids. They went through a lot of very difficult stuff, and I admit that I was in tears for parts. I'm definitely excited to read more of The Colors of Madeleine series.

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