Monday, May 27, 2013

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Let me clarify one thing: I requested a copy of The 5th Wave before all the hype. I'm not trying to sound like a hipster (Though I probably do), I want to explain that I was interested in the book for its plot description. I didn't just jump on the bandwagon after the publicity and marketing, especially at the bookstore where I work. Honestly, all the publicity did compel me to make it a priority on my reading list.

The 5th Wave takes place in the aftermath of an extra-terrestrial attack. It came in waves. In the 1st Wave, an electromagnetic pulse took out all cars, planes, and electricity. During the 2nd Wave, they concentrated their target by destroying all coastal cities. The 3rd Wave is the most devastating of all. A virus carried by birds and spread through their droppings kills millions, 9 out of 10 people. During the 4th Wave, aliens implanted in human hosts years ago are awakened. It's impossible to distinguish human from alien, impossible to know who to trust.

We meet Cassie during the 4th Wave. At this point, she is alone and running from alien assassins she calls Silencers. Her goals are to survive and to reunite with her 5-year-old brother Sam, whose teddy bear she carries through all her ordeals. Cassie keeps a journal, through which we learn the events of the alien attacks, and how they affected her family. This journal is found by the Silencer who has been stalking Cassie. Strangely, it makes him form a strange attachment to the human girl, even save her life.

Meanwhile, a young man survives the plague of the 3rd Wave. He is sent to an army training facility full of young children and teenagers. The survivor receives the nickname of Zombie. He is put in charge of his squad after showing compassion for a new recruit, a 5-year-old called Nugget. Zombie and his squad learn some hidden truths the hard way, especially the truth that you really don't know who you can trust.

There is a 5th Wave coming, and it has the possibility of destroying all who remain. There are lots of questions unanswered in The 5th Wave, especially surrounding why the aliens want our planet. Thankfully, there will be sequels in this series. The first book is pretty epic, leaving me thirsting for the second book.

I received my copy of The 5th Wave from Edelweiss, courtesy of Putnam Juvenile. It's available to purchase now.

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