Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twisted by Sara Shepard

Remember that bad Pretty Little Liars binge that I went on last Cannonball Read? How I just couldn't stop reading even though they are trashy books full of people doing deplorable things? Oh, I was so excited when I finished the eighth book and I could read things I was actually proud to be seen with in public. Then before I knew it, Sara Shepard, that demonic book pied piper, released two more Pretty Little Liars books. Here we go again.

Twisted takes place after the events of all the other books, and I am liberal with the spoilers. After a big fire that killed Alison, who had actually been her twin sister Courtney when they knew her, until she had been killed by Alison, the PLLs are understandably in need of some R&R, so they head to Jamaica. Since they are who they are, something unspeakably awful takes place and the girls aren't even friends anymore after it all goes down.

Spencer's mom is dating a super-rich man with a cute son. She's super into him, but he's kind of hot and cold, then he reveals that he's gay. Which is pretty confusing when he starts to kiss her in a dressing room. There's a hint that Spencer did something horrible to get early admission to Princeton, which is something to look forward to in later books.

Hanna's dad is running for state senator, but she's still a spoiled brat. I really can't stand her childishness. She throws a fit over everything and her dad constantly gives in to her. Some photographer convinces Hanna that she should be a model, one photo shoot where her boob falls out of her dress later, and the guy is blackmailing her.

Aria is still dating Noel, but she's starting to feel the differences between them, the differences that usually make her run after the nearest English teacher. He's got a foreign exchange student staying at his house, and it turns out to be a hot girl. Aria is jealous at first, then she starts to relate with Klaudia over their shared outsider status. Then Aria reads a text message that lets her know Klaudia is after Noel.

Finally, Emily took an unexplained hiatus from swimming. She is desperately trying to get a swimming scholarship. New girl Chloe has Emily meet her dad about the scholarship, but he ends up coming on to Emily. The poor girl is just trying to make a new friend and get a college education, but now she has to deal with a gross old man. Also, we find out that the reason Emily quit swimming was because she had a baby from when she had sex with Issac.

Now to the juicy Jamaica stuff. A keeps texting all the PLLs with taunting messages about Jamaica, you know that usual stalker stuff. We find out that they met a girl named Tabitha, a young lady who bears a resemblance to Alison, but covered with burn marks and scars, like the kind you'd get from a fire set to kill your best friends that trapped you instead. The PLLs meet her on the roof-top deck at the hotel, she gets aggressive, they push her off the deck. Nobody found the body, and they just kept it a secret. In the end, a teenage girl's body is found in Jamaica. They expect the body to be identified as Alison DiLaurentis, but it turns out that the girl really was Tabitha. The Pretty Little Liars are now Pretty Little Murderers (Though it was self defense!).

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