Saturday, March 3, 2012

Partials by Dan Wells

We built the Partials to fight our wars. The Partials turned on us by unleashing RM, a highly contagious plague that wiped out 99% of the world's population. Now, despite the remaining humans' resistance, every baby born is killed by RM within days. The government passed the Hope Act mandating that every woman 18 and over must get pregnant and must keep getting pregnant until a baby is finally born immune.

Kira is a plague baby, as she was very young when the Partial War broke out. She's only 16, but she works in maternity at the hospital. After her best friend Madison becomes pregnant, Kira will do anything to save her baby. She gets the idea to study a Partial to find out why they are immune to RM and then apply it to the newborns. The Partial is named Samm. Kira is given five days to study him before the Senate will have him killed. During that time, she learns more about RM, the Partials, and a lot about what's really going on in the government.

Partials was fantastic and it really threw me for a loop with all the ways it defied my expectations. There was a ton of action, which was awesome, but there's also lots of scientific research and experiments. It's a nice balance. I thought Kira would end up dumping her slightly goofy but endearing boyfriend Marcus for either soldier Jayden or Samm, but romance didn't figure into the story at all. I did guess a big plot point early on in the book, but that may just be my psychic tendencies rather than any fault of the story.

There's so much more to talk about with this book! Dan Wells created a very detailed world in which to set his story. It was very difficult to stop reading because every chapter ends with something that made me have to immediately continue to the next chapter and find out what happens next. I am very excited for the sequel to be published. The ending was satisfying, but there's so many plots left to complete and questions left to answer that I can't wait to see what happens next.

I received my copy of Partials from Netgalley courtesy of HarperCollins. It's available for purchase now.

P.S. Here is the trailerfor Partials.
I LOVE this. The fictional subject matter in a real context just gives me chills.

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