Saturday, January 5, 2013

Burning Blue by Paul Griffin

Burning Blue tells the story of an awful crime. Nicole Castro was the most beautiful girl at her New Jersey high school. She was even a beauty queen. In one horrible moment, an unknown assailant splashed her face with acid.

Jay is a loner because he avoids other people after a few unfortunate seizures that made their way onto Youtube. He is also a super hacker, though he feigns technological ignorance as a cover. Jay is the narrator of our story, the one who gathers emails from the attacker, diary entries from Nicole, and newspaper articles on the attack. The more time passes, the less likely the odds that the crime will be solved. Because of this, Jay decides that he has to be the one to find out who attacked Nicole and why.

This was a very intense book, for obvious reasons. I remember reading about a similar attack on a woman a few years ago, and it turned out that she had thrown acid on her own face. It's very frightening to think that something like this could happen to me someday.

I really liked Jay. His computer skills were impressive, especially to a novice like me. The friendship he forms with Nicole is really sweet. I definitely love a teenage detective story. Not to give anything away, the ending was actually pretty creepy, though the journey to getting to that end is the best part of the book.

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