Friday, January 4, 2013

Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

The intro to Moranthology illustrates Caitlin Moran's writing career. She figures out that the writing she is best at is just funny. This book shows her talent at its best.

Moranthology hops, skips, and jumps over a vast variety of subjects. We hear about the British television shows that everyone loves. Moran has a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch, just like me and everyone else who has seen him work his stuff on Sherlock. Her Doctor Who experiences made me very jealous. Plus, there was some Downton Abbey content that was really funny.

Her writing about her family and late night conversations with her husband are fantastic. She even gets a bit serious by talking about her stance on welfare and libraries. I marvel at her ability to balance gravity with yet more humor. Plus, anyone who loves libraries is a friend of mine.

I really loved How to Be a Woman. Moran brought up important topics about feminism, while also discussing the fun and not-so-fun parts of being a woman. It was also incredibly funny, which was why I jumped at the chance to read anything else by this author. Moranthology did not disappoint. If nothing else, I'll always agree with her that this man is incredible:

I received my copy of Moranthology from Edelweiss, courtesy of Harper Perennial. It's available for purchase now.

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