Monday, February 18, 2013

Burned by Sara Shepard

In the twelfth installment of Pretty Little Liars, the girls are hitting the high seas for an eco cruise, which is apparently a thing. We open the book with some insight into Hanna's terrible secret. She played designated driver for a girl named Madison. The car was run off the road, and Hanna had the other Liars come and help move Madison to the driver's seat and flee the scene. They possibly killed or grievously injured the poor girl, all so Hanna didn't get in trouble or ruin her father's campaign. It's getting hard to side with these girls when they keep doing these things! It's almost like a hipper version of Aesop's Fables.

Moving on to the nautical nonsense, there were two subplots involving possible A's, and two that didn't really have anything to do with A. I'm going to talk about some of the events in the previous books, so be warned if spoilers matter to you.

Emily told her parents about her baby, and they reacted badly. This isn't really surprising given the time that they sent her away to her religious cousins to pray the gay out. Emily meets a beautiful stowaway. It turns out that she is a fugitive known as the Posh Bandit. That might seem like a spoiler, but it's very obvious. Other than that, Emily keeps thinking that she sees Alison everywhere, and she admits to everyone how she left the door open before that house exploded that one time, so Ali might have escaped.

Spencer is still in touch with Reefer, the lovable stoner she met while trying to get in that Stanford Eating Club. She is hoping to get some smooches and hand holding and all that smooshy stuff, but she has some difficulties. Naomi (Former member of Ali's clique, enemy of the PLLs) is also into Reefer. After a series of unfortunate events, Spencer starts to suspect that Naomi may be deliberately sabotaging her. The girls even suspect that she may be A.

This theory has some merit because Hanna is rooming with Naomi. The former enemies get along quite well. Then, she finds out that Naomi is Madison's cousin! It seems as though Naomi is trying to find out who hurt her cousin, and enacting revenge upon them.

Aria is a little bummed to spend most of the cruise apart from Noel. She meets a nice guy named Graham while doing an eco scavenger hunt. It turns out that Graham was Tabitha's boyfriend. Tabitha being the girl that Aria accidentally pushed off a roof while they were in Jamaica. It's a small world, after all! Obviously, Graham sounds like a likely suspect for A. Thankfully, Aria is tired of A and all the threats and secrets. She wants to confess about her part in pushing Tabitha as soon as they return home. I was impressed that one of these girls finally did something reasonable, but it never plays out (Obviously).

We get more reasons why these girls should stay in and watch TV more. Seriously, is A going to text you and threaten to reveal that you like Two and a Half Men? (Although that would be a terrible thing for ANYONE to think of you.) Two more As are brought up, then quickly found not guilty. We end on the revelation that someone else may have killed Tabitha, possibly the very A that is stalking our Liars. Since these books are my literary crack, I will be tuning in to see what new messes are made in the 13th installment. Hopefully we will find out what the deal was with Aria and Iceland.

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