Monday, February 4, 2013

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

I reviewed the first book in this series, Under the Never Sky, here. Be careful, as there are some minor spoilers in my review.

Previously on Under the Never Sky, a girl who lived in a protective dome and a savage boy from the outside fell in love while escaping danger at every turn. Now, Aria and Perry are separated. After killing his brother in the last book (I know, right?!?), Perry is the new Blood Lord of his tribe. He is having some minor issues with getting the people to respect him. It's also difficult for him to get used to having people rely on him. Perry is very impulsive, and has to learn that he can't just think of himself, but of his people as well.

Aria must find the Still Blue, a promised land where there are no aether storms, in order to get Perry's nephew, Talon, back from the dwellers. The people of Reverie have been attacked from the aether storms on the outside, and from residents suffering from a disease called DLS that makes them crazy from spending too much time inside. Perry decides to introduce her to his tribe, but only as a friend, so they can acclimate them before finding out that the Blood Lord is hooking up with a dweller. The tribe hates her, even though she isn't a dweller anymore, even though she is an audile (She has super-hearing because her father was an outsider). The poor girl even saves a lost baby and people still hate her!

There's actually a lot of developments in this installment. We get lots more Roar, and we get to meet Liv (Perry's sister, and the love of Roar's life). We get some surprises from Soren, the instigator of the events that started Under the Never Sky and son of Consul Hess from Reverie. He still has a tiny scar from that night, which is enough to ostracize him in a society where everyone is perfect. Soren communicates with Aria through her Smarteye (A device that people use in Reverie to escape the real world, like the internet in your head), except he tells her the truth while his father just threatens her.

I love these books. Aria and Perry are some of my favorite young adult characters, and their story is always exciting. Perry is amazing because he can and will straight-up murder someone to protect the people he loves, but he's also very sweet and kind. Aria is one of the awesome and tough female characters. I feel really bad because my words might do a disservice to how amazing this series is. Even if you can't follow my rambling attempts to describe the plot, just understand that this is a book series that you should be reading.

I received my copy of Through the Ever Night from Edelweiss, courtesy of HarperCollins. It's available for purchase now.

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