Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Murmurings by Carly Anne West

There seems to be a new genre in Young Adult literature. It could be "Psychological Thriller," or "Crazy or Not Crazy" for the less sensitive, or "Books to Read with Your Straight Jacket on" for the even less sensitive. "You think that your life sucks? Read this!" I was thinking about this when I was reading my last book, Hysteria by Megan Miranda. Thankfully, it also applies to The Murmurings (Because I had absolutely no clue how to start writing this review otherwise!).

Sophie's life is messed up. Her sister, Nell, committed suicide after escaping from her mental asylum. They found her hanging upside down by her big toe (Seriously, this gave no one pause- I think it made me snicker). Now, their mother drowns her sorrows in alcohol. Sophie herself has given up caring about school, or anything at all. Then things get spooky up in there. Crazy Nell used to hear strange whisperings and see dark shapes in the mirror. Now, Sophie is hearing those whispers and seeing those shadows. Which is scarier- that everything is in her head, or that it's real?

Because even (possibly) crazy girls can get a man, Sophie starts a relationship with new football player Evan. I was skeptical at first, worried that he was getting close to her as some sort of prank or bet. It turns out that he's legit, and actually really awesome and supportive and understanding. Evan's cousin, Deb, had been committed when they were children, so he can easily sympathize with Sophie.

Throughout the book, Nell's old asylum is trying to reach Sophie's mom. The head doctor, Dr. Keller, wants to talk about Sophie. Nell may have told him that Sophie was also hearing and seeing things. Dr. Keller seems to be trying to get her committed as well...but for what purpose? Dun. Dun. Dun.

The Murmurings did actually give me the wiggins. I was reading the scary descriptions of the Takers in pitch darkness and I was a little freaked out, imagining bony hands reaching towards me from beyond my Glowlight. For that alone, I consider The Murmurings to be a success. It's a little ridiculous, but I managed to keep on until the end.

I received my copy of The Murmurings from Edelweiss, courtesy of Simon Pulse. It's available for purchase now.

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