Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hysteria by Megan Miranda

"Over my dead body," she had said back then...
Apparently two years ago, my mother had lied. Apparently, any dead body would do.

This is a book about one of those less-seen teenage problems. Mallory stabbed her boyfriend Brian to death. Things go downhill from there. Her parents seem afraid of her, her mom even hides the knives. Brian's mother shows up and stalks her so much that they have to file a restraining order. Mallory's parents decide to send her to Monroe, the boarding school that her father attended. It seemed like a good chance to make a fresh start, but Mallory's past won't stop following her.

She tells us what happened through flashbacks, as the memories come back to her. In the present, she is haunted by strange noises and visions of Brian. I know that I gripe/brag about this too much, but the reasons behind this were pretty obvious.

Mallory has a hard time fitting in at Monroe. Everyone heard about her "incident," so most of the kids avoid her. The major exception to this is Reid, a friend of her family. They actually get a little romance going, which is a nice distraction from all the psychological, crazy, murder stuff.

Then, one of the other students is killed, and it looks as though Mallory did it. At this point, she finally gets it together to figure out what happened with Brian, what is going on now, and who killed the other kid.

This wasn't too bad. The premise sounded amazing, and I love a boarding school story. Unfortunately, it ended up a little too meh. I was disappointed because I ended up really liking Miranda's previous book, Fracture. It's possible that I've just experienced an overload of Teen Psychological Drama.

I received my copy of Hysteria from Netgalley, courtesy of Walker Childrens. It's available for purchase now.

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