Monday, April 29, 2013

236 Pounds of Class Vice President: A Memoir of Teenage Insecurity, Obesity, and Virginity by Jason Mulgrew

High school was an incredibly tough time for me. It wasn't quite as bad as junior high, which was thankfully only two years, but it was still tough. I was the chubby greasy-haired girl who only wore stretchy pants and Disney sweatshirts. There are enough memories that I am repressing to write my own memoir. Sorry guys, I was trying to make this funny, but it comes off kind of depressing. I'd like to insert a joke here but I can't think of any...

This is my joke and not at all in reference to the author's weight.
Thanks, internet! Anyways, Jason Mulgrew actually wrote a book containing his high school experience, humiliations and all.

236 Pounds of Class Vice President shows the life of an overweight teenager in Philadelphia. The story starts out with Mulgrew trying to qualify for a state spelling bee in order to earn the dog that will be his companion and protector. From there, he tells about his attempts to get into a fancy private school, and his campaign for Vice President once he realizes that he may need some extracurricular activities for college after graduating. There's also stories about being a straight gay best friend, renting a summer house on the shore while still being underage, and an entire chapter on learning to masturbate. For a change of pace, there is also a list of the best foods exclusive to Philly, and a chapter on music discovery, Beatles to Elvis Costello.

All in all, this was short and fairly funny. As I said before, I can definitely relate to being an awkward teenager. Though even at my worst times, I was always thankful not to be a boy. Kudos to Mulgrew for writing down and sharing these memories, both triumphant and not-so-triumphant. Maybe someday I'll have the courage to do the same.

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